what is the purpose of a pipe threading machine!
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A pipe threader is a device used to cut threads and cut grooves into the end of metal pipe. The groves and treads are similar to those found on traditional screw. A pipe threader enables people and plumber to increase the length of pipe firmly to a connector or coupling. The treads on the pipe fit exactly into a model of threads in the connector, by allowing the people to screw the two mechanisms together by hand.

Welding machine

Welding is a method of joining two materials such as brass, aluminum, stainless steel, polymer, plastic and fuses them. The accessories which are mostly required is welding helmet, the torch, welding curtain, welding gauntlet and goggles. Such accessories should be wearing before doing welding. Different types of energy source materials are also used for welding materials such as flame, gas, electric beam, laser, ultra sound and friction. There are different processes of welding and pipe threading machines. These are MIG welding, TIG welding, arc welding etc. The purpose is identified first and the solution is then provided according to it. It involves power supply and some important tools that might be needed with the pipe threading and welding machine.

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